Monday, December 19, 2011

Ode to Captain Morgan

Ode to Captain Morgan

In April of 1988, I went to Jacksonville, Florida with a buddy to watch is sister graduate from the Naval Academy.  I met some Captains there and got drunk, and they made me drink two bottles of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.  They made me memorize the back label, and to this date, I can still remember it.

History tells us Captain Morgan favored a spicy life and a glass of his favorite rum.  
Born to wealthy Welsh parents, Captain Morgan left the comfortable life for one which proved far more satisfying.

That of a Buccaneer on the Spanish Main.

His feats for many, his exploits endless, and his thirst legendary.
Now for those of you who enjoy a good rum, can savior a glorious rum! 

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum! The Original Spiced Rum!  

A magnificent golden Puerto Rican Rum laced with spice and other natural flavors.  
Discover how Captain Morgan Spiced Rum can make your favorite rum drinks, taste even better.